Shark Bite Board Game Shark Trap Interactive Xmas Gift

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Your little guppy will have a reel-y fun time with this fishing game where they try to catch the sea creatures from inside the shark's mouth using a fishing rod. They roll a dice to see how many they need to fish out and hope that the shark doesn't snap them up for dinner before they collect all the fish on their die. It's like fishing with a little bit of Jack-In-The-Box fun - you never know when he's going to bite!

Have Fun While Teaching Fine Motor Skills With This Shark Bite Game

To set the game up, you just need to open the shark's jaws and push down until they lock into place. Then place the colorful sea creatures in the shark's mouth. They snap in place making fishing for them just a little bit of work.

Players will take turns rolling the dice to see how many creatures they need to save from the shark's jaws. With the rod in hand, this game will help develop fine motor skills for your little guppies. The plastic hook on the end of the rod is used to hook the creatures. Once you've got one on your hook give a tug to free it, but be careful because action and movement is what triggers the shark to jump! When the shark jumps, the player with the most fish wins!

Not only is this a fun game for fishermen and families alike, it's also a game you don't have to worry about running out of batteries...because you don't need any!

  • Super scary and surprising snapping and jumping motion.
  • Each game play is different and each time a different fish triggers the snap!
  • No batteries required! quick and easy to start playing.
  • Save you catch before he snaps!
  • Fun Kids Game!
  • 2-4 Players
  • Contents: Shark, 12 pieces of Shark food, 1 fishing rod, dice, sticker sheet